16 November 2009

This is my first blog and may not be representative of everything that I write, but right now there are a few things on my mind that I'd like to sher and get some views back from anyone who happens to follow me.

I recently returned from a trip to the Gulf state of Abu Dhabi, and while the point of this isn't to bemoan the city emirate, i do need to point out that it is a strange place; part building site, part decadent, opulent 5 star paradise on the edge of one of the world's warmer deserts. Lucky to have approx. 9% of the world's oil lying off its shores, the last 10 years have seen rapid growth. This is both good and bad. Good if you are a rich traveller or in the construction business, bad if you are an ex-pat asian worker. Worse if your taste in interior decoration doesn't include wall to wall marble and gold.

The point is however that I returned from an interesting trip, and boy isn't the Grand Prix LOUD, to be diagnosed with a DVT. That's a deep vein thrombosis, or in even simpler terms a blood clot in one of the major veins in my leg.

Now apart from scaring the hell out of my family, and certainly worrying me, what has amazed me is how, on the one hand the medical profession in this country can leap into action, showing real concern and ability, while on the other there is no understanding or seemingly comprehnsion that a patient should be treated holistically and be kept informed about outcomes.

So while happy to be quickly put on anticoagulent warfarin, and impressed by the service run by the Royal Berkshire Hospital, not one of the doctors I have seen seems to be willing or capable of making a prognosis for when the DVT should be gone or exactly how long I'll be on medication for.

To add to the mix the warfarin seems to have bought on gout attacks. Now I already suffer from gout, but Allopurinol normally keeps it at bay. Not now. But again the medics dont seem willing to acknowledge the link. I've found a paper that seems pretty conclusive http://www.clinchem.org/cgi/reprint/32/8/1557 as does some of the natter in the blogosphere but none of this is recognised by the ladies and gentlemen with the stethoscopes. It's not like this in House! Does anyone have any similar experieces.

Looking on the bright side I am just about to go and eat in Cafe Le Raj probably the best of Henley's Indian restaurants. It'll be interesting to go and eat something that doesn't exaccerbate the gout or affect the antigoaculation.

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