8 February 2010

After a month of relative austerity, staying in, trying not to drink and doing exercise, February has started with a bang. Fortunately my birthday arrives early in the month so there is a reasonable excuse to start enjoying life again, despite the advancing years.

Late January saw a trip to the tiny French ski resort of Val d'Allos. 2 hours drive north of Nice, virtually no Brits to be seen and plenty of challenging and cruisy runs either at La Foux or Les Seignus www.valdallos.com. Friend Hammy owns a small chalet in the village. Small with a few restaurants a typical French PMU bar, patisserie, tabac and Shopi this is very definitly not a resort if you are after apres ski and night life. Which is precisely the reason for going there!

And for me after the autumn knee op and the consequent DVT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVT it was a good test to see if all my limbs would hold out, not just on the slopes but back on a plane and of course from an excess of not at all useful male banter. Needless to say plenty of wine was taken. But the knee held out and I'm confident that come March I should be able to have a real blast.

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